1 Jan 1970

Brisbane, Queensland


Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is located in the south eastern corner of that state. Queensland, also known as the Sunshine State, is Australia’s second largest State by area and has country’s third largest population.

Queen Street Mall, Brisbane

Me in Brisbane

Me in Brisbane

Alloh has given us the day, we can use it as we like. We can waste it, or grow in its light and be of service to others. But what we do on the day is important, as we have exchanged a day of our life for it. When tomorrow come,today will be gone. I hope I will not regret for the price I paid for the day. Life is beautiful, together let us make each of our life, and other people’s life more beautiful… and more wonderful …

Great Wheel of Brisbane



The University of Queensland





There are thousands of reasons why should we study. We study to broaden our horizon towards life. It help us grow mentally, intellectually, financially in the world of knowledge. Maturity comes through this. make us able to understand other’s views in a better way. Helps us in living a better life by making us able to earn a respectable life. Helps our nation to achieve presence in the global scenario.

Albert Einstein once said: “the true purpose of education is to make the mind think!”

Flower in Front of The University of Queensland


Is it spring glory? the flowering plant was found in front of the University of Queensland at November 2010. The picture of the flower is dedicated to my mother,who love flowers.

Ride a Citycat

Ride a Citycat

Coloured blue, white and yellow symbolising the Sunshine States surf, sand and sun, you will immediately feel relaxed and in holiday mode with the wind in your hair and sun shimmering on the water.

A journey from the University of Queensland, St Lucia, to Museum Science will take twenty minutes one way. This opens up my experiences watch architecture slip by on the Queensland River.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary


Australian’s Animals




Museum of Science in Brisbane


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